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 Official AE Live Cash Shop!

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PostSubject: Official AE Live Cash Shop!   Sun Nov 22, 2009 1:29 pm

Note: This is the ONLY shop that can charge AE Live Cash on here. If anyone else does one, it will be deleted. Thank you.

Wondering where to spend those points you get all the time? Well, here's the place! You can buy cool avatars and stuff, or you can buy access to certain features. Just remember to pay me within 2 days of when you say you will on this thread. I won't upgrade you until you pay me. Okay, here are the things:

Special avatars
Cost: 50 Cash
You can have a special avatar created by Anna! Just request a themed one or ask for a special AE live one!

Special signatures
Cost: 50 Cash
Same as avatars, but with signatures!

Access to "Chatbox"
Cost: 1000 Cash
You can buy special membership with this much cash! You'll have access to the live chat forum, where the discussions go super-fast! jocolor
*That's all for now!Smile*
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Official AE Live Cash Shop!
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